Classic Candy & Herbal Delights

Handmade in Hamilton


+Incorporate botanicals into your everyday with our tasty HERBAL QUARTERLY box!

+All our products now carry the official Ontario Made seal of approval so you can be sure you're supporting a small business that makes and sources locally

+Want to carry our products in your shop or cafe? Looking for a custom order for your wedding or a gift? Contact us now and let's set you up!


Katie Reed

Golden Ticket Owner

Golden Ticket started in January 2018 after I desperately sought out a quality caramel that wasn't stale, full of chemicals or too expensive, and found the results to be lacking.  I made my own and now offer them to you to enjoy. Our candies are always fresh and we use just a few great ingredients.  We sell at markets, through shops and cafes, and also do custom orders.  Contact us if you need something special!

The Emerald Herbal Line evolved when my confectionery business experience met my extensive and ongoing herbalism education. Follow along monthly as we stroll through the plants and the seasons! These few intentional offerings are 'treats' that feed the body deeply, applying the whole plant/whole body understanding, using only gifts from the earth as ingredients. Perfect for your own home or as a gift to a loved one, choose to send a message in the box if sending it out as a gift! I am so pleased to be offering you these invigorating products and hope to expand this line in time.